Do you want to get stuck in a canned ACT, SAT, GRE or GMAT course stamped out by a giant, old company or would you like to try a new approach to test prep, taught by an internationally bestselling author, mathematician, and a perfect scorer?

It might seem like a good idea to put your faith in a big test prep organization with a long-established name – until you really think about it. With size and age comes a big price. Are you willing to entrust your bank account – and, more importantly, your test scores – to a corporation whose priority is profits and not people? What can you really expect if you take such a course?

  • A schedule that seems as metallic and inflexible as a tin can
  • Being forced to fit into the course instead of the course fitting you
  • Unknown instructors who aren’t masters of writing teaching mastery of writing
  • Too much money spent for too few hours

Wouldn’t you rather work with someone you’ve already met personally in a free, introductory class? A test prep master coach who will take the time to teach you the fundamentals you need to feel confident? When you take one of my courses, I will:

  • Sit down with you in a one-on-one writing workshop
  • Get to know you and your needs
  • Show you how to master the exam’s verbal and quantitative principles
  • Help you learn how to learn
  • Bring out your natural brilliance

I’ll teach you all the tricks, too. To be more precise, I’ll teach you the crucial techniques needed to outsmart the test-makers who are trying to outsmart you:

  • Identifying traps and trick questions
  • Recognizing the twenty typical patterns in math problems
  • Quickly translating the English in word problems to simple math
  • Following signal words to sentence completion
  • Building bridge statements toward the correct analogies
  • Untwisting the pretzel logic of GMAT critical reasoning
  • A professional writer’s approach to writing a killer essay

When you take one of my SAT or ACT prep courses, (or my GRE or GMAT prep course), I’ll really enjoy sitting down with you in a one-on-one workshop and helping you with your writing.  Do you need to clear up some of the fine points of grammar?  Do you have questions about segues or style?  Or are you ready to jump right in and to start composing essays that will wow your readers?  That’s one part of my coaching that I love: the “aha” look of deep satisfaction in your eyes when you get the feel for writing with greater persuasion and power.

It’s not just the what of my courses that is so different from the one-size-fits-all curriculums of the old test prep companies.  More important is the way that I teach.  It all begins with you.  At our first class, I’ll take the time to find out about you.  Are you good at algebra but a little weaker in geometry?  Do you like to write or does your mind freeze up when you look at a blank piece of paper or an empty text document on a computer screen?  In this way, asking questions and gently probing – along with working through some sample test questions – I’ll get to know you.  By the end of the first class, I’ll have a good idea of what you’ll need in order to excel on the test.

That gets to the heart of what makes my coaching so powerful: I want to help you learn how to learn.  And more, to help you learn how you learn best.  And most of all, of course, I want you to achieve the highest possible score on your test – while having some fun along the way.

What will your experience in one of my test prep classes be like?

Imagine that you need some help with SAT prep and have decided to take one of my SAT courses. Maybe you’ve heard good things about David Zindell Coaching; maybe a friend, after studying with me, has gone on to ace the SAT and has been accepted to Stanford. Certainly you’ve visited this website, and you’re excited by what you’ve seen here. You like the idea of personalized coaching, custom designed to fit you.