Why should you pay more to drive across town for a large and impersonal test prep class crammed into a sterile room in an office park? Wouldn’t you rather have the convenience of an ACT, SAT, GRE or GMAT course built around your needs and held in your own home – and enjoy all this for free?

One of my most successful programs has been my in-home test prep course.  It’s a pretty simple concept: when you help me organize a class in your home – perhaps for ACT test prep or some prep for SAT – you’ll receive a big break in the price of the course.  If you can interest another student in joining your son or daughter (or yourself) for a semi-private class of two, the rate per student will be only half the single student, one-on-one tutoring rate.  If you know of two or three other students who would like to take part in a very small class of three or four, your cost would go down even more.  Find one more student, for a total of five students, and you will essentially receive the entire course for free!

With people these days much too busy, putting together a class in this way makes a lot of sense.  It’s more efficient, in terms of time and space, for students to gather at a friend’s house in the neighborhood.  As well, we live in an age in which people are connecting to each other in new ways, through networks such as Facebook, email, and text messages.  This makes possible a return to the personal – and a personalized approach to test prep.  It also results in a lower cost.

Why does this work so well for everyone involved?

Parents, of course, like paying less (or nothing at all) for an opportunity that is typically very expensive.  They don’t have to waste time carting their children long distances in their cars, at the busiest time of the day.  They like hosting classes in their own homes; this makes it easier to coordinate dinner and other events.  More than one mother has served hot pizza during one of my ACT prep classes, while listening-in on a math or a grammar review.  This has reassured them of the quality of the test prep being offered, as well as providing a sense of taking part in it.

Students appreciate not having to drive all over.  With their teachers piling on homework and projects, they often must stay up to 10, 11 or even 12 o’clock, and so they like saving time whenever they can.  They also appreciate the personalized approach of my ACT and SAT prep classes: I can coordinate assignments and pacing with their school activities, which is something a big test prep company with a rigid syllabus cannot do.  Who wants to have work through a lot tricky SAT questions the night before a big test in Chemistry or History?  My students enjoy doing test prep in a more flexible way, and they feel more confident and relaxed learning in familiar surroundings.

As for me, my in-home test prep courses offer a lot of advantages.  I get to know my students in a friendlier and more natural environment.  I don’t have to waste money on renting expensive classroom space.  I don’t have to spend time marketing my services, through the internet, school guidance counsellors, publications, etc.  This means that I get to do more of what I love most: teaching people how to do their personal best on difficult college or graduate school admissions tests.