Jon Jaffe, returning engineering student

I did retake the GRE a couple of weeks ago and got a 780 quantitative. For the last couple of weeks before the test, I practiced something you had said along the lines of, “All of the questions can be solved with math, but it is better to look for the ‘trick’ they are really testing for. I wanted to thank you for all your help; I am sure I couldn’t have done it without you.


David’s tutoring helped my son to increase his overall score up to a 32 which helped him get more scholarship money. It was a great investment!

Suzanne M.

We love the small-group tutoring that David has done for our son and a few of his friends to prepare for the ACT and SAT. It has been so convenient to have him come to our home, and David has been very flexible when schedule conflicts came up. The kids are more motivated together and are much more interactive than they would be in a large classroom. Instead of sitting in the back of a classroom, they are totally engaged sitting around the dining room table together. I would highly recommend getting a few friends together and hiring David as their personal test prep tutor. Your kids will learn a ton and enjoy the experience!

M.T., parent of Jesuit Regis senior

David Zindell helped our daughter break that important (for scholarships) 30 score on the ACT. I don’t believe it would have happened without his excellent coaching.

S.T., Jesuit Regis senior

Working with David was really a pleasure, and it brought my test scores up enough to put colleges I had considered to be out of my reach onto my list of the colleges I am applying to.

Andrew Eppler

Great teaching and in-depth knowledge of the tests and strategies make Zindell Coaching a great source of preparation and practice. I recommend his course to anyone getting ready to take the GRE. The price is great, too.


I never realized how many tricky questions there were. David Zindell showed me the little tips to help me understand the workings of standardized testing.

Mohammed Khouri

It was a real pleasure to work with David Zindell. He is a great teacher and a great man. He saved me very much money over what Kaplan and Princeton Review wanted to charge me, and he gave me much more. After studying with him, my GRE score went up by a total of 383 points!

Fatimah Jaffri

I am not a native speaker, so taking the GRE was very hard for me. David Zindell made it much easier. He explained grammar, writing and analogies in a way I could understand – sometimes he even acting out vocabulary I didn’t know until I got the point and could answer the question. He will do almost anything to get his students to learn. I strongly recommend him to anyone wanting personal contact and a higher score.


David Zindell taught me again the mathematics I had in school and helped me understand how to apply the concepts for the first time. He also showed me how to outsmart the GMAT problems. When I took the test, my score went up by more than 200 on the math. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Lin Zhu

Great teacher, great practice, great course. David Zindell explained everything logically and clearly. When it came time to take the test, I had no surprises – except my great score.

David Zilis

Not only was David Zindell’s class inexpensive and effective, it was tons of fun, too.