Coaching Seminars for Test Prep Professionals

Would you like to be financially independent and set your own hours doing what you love?

Well, who wouldn’t? But who wouldn’t wonder if such a goal is possible, given all the ridiculous claims that people make concerning business opportunities? The test prep business is the real deal. It’s stronger than ever, and it offers you a chance to create a “dream job.” There’s no magic to what I’ll teach you to do; earning a good income from coaching or hiring others to help you will always be hard work. But it’s work that pays off: good coaches can easily make $85+ per hour, and the most expensive charges more than $1,000 per hour.

Would you like to build your own business coaching students to take tests such as the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT?

If you’ve done well on such tests yourself or you’re a good teacher in search of a highly lucrative and rewarding career, then you should consider helping students to prepare for their difficult entrance examinations. It’s not as hard as you might think to begin your own personalized test prep tutoring business or small company. After a twenty-year career as worldwide published novelist, I did it all on my own by trial and error, with no one to advise me or to save me countless hours and thousands of dollars wasted on bad ideas and things that don’t work. I’d like to pass on my hard-won knowledge to you, and I will walk you through each step of setting up and running your own business.

Does the nitty-gritty of establishing your business seem daunting or impossible?

It really isn’t so hard. I’ll help you. David Zindell Coaching Seminars will show you how to:

  • Find students eager to enlist your help.
  • Set prices and hours for your courses.
  • Teach out of your own home.
  • Find space for your offices, or better, how to make good use of libraries near you.
  • Organize an in-home class that will save you rentals and marketing costs.
  • Schedule and how to cut down on your driving time – or eliminate it altogether.

Are you wondering how you can find students who want you to be their teacher?

I wondered the same thing myself. In fact, at first it seemed a huge stumbling block to setting up my own business. I really hate “marketing” myself, and don’t much like knocking on doors or putting up flyers. If you do, that’s fine. You should do what you can to find and connect with students who want to hire you as their coach. While we’ll discuss many marketing ideas, David Zindell Coaching Seminars will concentrate on how to:

  • Build a website that will attract and excite students and their parents.
  • Design slick sheets highlighting your services.
  • Use high school guidance counselors to get out the word about you.
  • Construct ads for neighborhood newspapers and high school yearbooks.
  • Navigate the treacherous shoals of the most powerful and precise marketing technique ever invented: Google Adwords.

Have you mastered all the strategies, trips, and techniques that you’ll need to teach your students?

Don’t worry if you haven’t. I either learned these from the best coaches in the business or figured them out as I went along. You’ll feel more comfortable having a mastery of this material right from the beginning. David Zindell Coaching Seminars is designed to coach you to become a great coach of your own students and includes:

  • An introduction to standardized tests in general and to the sections of the test or tests you decide to teach.
  • A modeling of effective ways to teach admissions tests: I act as teacher and you as student so that you can see what works or get an idea of how you might adapt what I do to your own teaching style.
  •  A survey of the books and materials you’ll need for yourself and your students.
  • An understanding of how the test makers try to confuse test takers and all the strategies that you’ll need to impart to your students.
  • Support for your own coaching business once it’s up and running.

Would you like to be the first in your city to take a seminar designed to get you ready to start your own coaching company and quickly begin earning a great income?

If you do, then please contact me as soon as possible. We’ll discuss the different programs that I offer and how we can begin our one-on-one seminars via Skype in the convenience of our own homes.

Five Hour Basic Seminar $995
Ten Hour Extended Seminar $1,895