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Why should you be denied the best possible test prep coaching for the SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT just because you don’t live near the best test prep coach?

Maybe you have a ranch out in eastern Oregon.  Maybe your small town, in Missouri, is a 100 miles from the nearest test prep center.  Or maybe you live in a big city such as New York, Chicago or Dallas and you simply haven’t liked any of the test prep tutors, coaches or companies you’ve contacted.  You might have wondered if it’s still possible to get the kind of personalized, master coaching needed to excel on college and graduate school admissions tests and to bring out students’ personal best.  The answer is that it’s not only possible, it’s easy – as easy as making a few clicks on your computer screen and bringing a test prep pro right into your office, kitchen or living room.  You can get the finest test preparation in the world in the quiet of your own home.

How can you turn geographic difficulty into an advantage?

That’s easy, too: fill out your contact information or just pick up the phone and call me.  I’ll take the time to get to know you and exactly what you need in order to bring out the natural brilliance that we all possess.  That’s what I like most about teaching.  I’ve helped students from Colorado’s Western Slope to India, and I’ve seen them go on to some of the world finest universities, such as Stanford, Michigan, and the United States Naval Academy.  I’d be happy to help you as well.

How does online test prep coaching work?

Using free Skype technology and a high-speed Internet connection, you’ll sit down at your computer at an arranged time and click on the Skype icon.  Then either I’ll call you or you’ll call me.  You’ll see me on your screen, and I’ll see you on mine.  We’ll be able to talk to each other as if we were sitting across a table from each other – which in a way we will be.  I’ll have a portable white board handy in case I need to help you work out a problem in coordinate geometry or show you how to invert sentences for a test of subjective and objective cases in the use of who or whom.  We’ll have our books opened on our tables or desks so that we can refer to a reading passage, for example, on the SAT or the ACT, or to a real brain-bender on the critical reasoning section of the GMAT.  You’ll soon forget that we might be 500 or 5,000 miles apart.  You won’t forget, however, how easy and convenient online tutoring really is and how good it is not to have to drive out into a snowstorm – or to drive at all! – in order to enjoy the kind of one-on-one learning that best prepares you to take a difficult admissions test.

My Online Test Prep Classes for the SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT Offer:

  • Free introductory class
  • Personal evaluation
  • One-on-one essay consultation
  • Expert individual coaching
  • Fun classes that help you master every technique and trick
  • My Total Commitment to your score increase and Guarantee

20-40 hours of private, online test prep tutoring

Contact me for other options: I will build a course around you!

Why will online test prep tutoring become the wave of the future?

In the novels I wrote, virtual reality meant an online experience via a computer or a cybernetic field that seemed virtually real.  Thirty years ago, such concepts – along with the “communicators” of Star Trek that we now call cell phones! – belonged only to science fiction.  Now they have become, well, pretty much real.  The world has become increasingly interconnected, with information streaming through fiber optics cables from continent to continent at the speed of light.  This has opened up nearly limitless possibilities in the ways that people communicate and interact with each other.

Scientists now speak of a future in which a person needing a rare surgery won’t have to fly halfway around the world in order to seek out one of the handful of surgeons capable of performing such an operation.  He or she will be able to report to a local clinic and receive the best of care right there.  For the surgeon, through the same sort of tele-presence that underpins online tutoring technology, will use robots as extensional hands in order to perform the surgery right on the spot.

Although we haven’t achieved that level of accomplishment quite yet, people in millions have begun using online libraries, visiting online bookstores and attending lectures taught by the greatest professors in the world – all through the ease and efficiency of an Internet connection.  Online learning has exploded in popularity, with the number of high school students who enjoy access to online courses and tutors tripling in the last three years alone.  According to eSchool news, “In two years’ time, 39 percent more administrators and five times as many parents have incorporated online classes into their vision for the ultimate school.”  With rising gas prices and everyone more pressed for time, that makes good sense.  Why should you have to put yourself through considerable trouble and expense to go to the professionals who will help you when these experts can come to you?  In the end, real learning is all about a meeting of minds, and many are finding that, no matter where they live, such a meeting can take place right in their own homes.